Creativity through action

TRACTION is a diversified development, production, and management company with an emphasis on bringing to life extraordinary stories and championing unique voices across film and television.

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“We aren’t monsters. We’re cultural disrupters.”

Culture & Commentary

Our Mission

Our story

Our Mission

We started TRACTION to utilize our greatest asset, Action, to propel our creativity and collaborate with artists and filmmakers to produce high-quality, engaging, and entertaining content regardless of genre.

Our Story

What started out as a passion became an obsession, which quickly became a necessity.  Outside of the normal things — family, friends, food, etc. — movies & television were the mountaintop. The summit of everything.  Since we were kids, they have monopolized our lives. They helped us explain the world, they made us laugh, they made us cry, they brought us together, sometimes divided, allowed us to escape when needed, and most importantly—they entertained. 

Film Production

We're creating an inclusive library of films & television that invoke those very same reactions we had as children fresh off a Friday night Blockbuster haul. Those laughs. Those tears. Those scares. Those late night debates that you remember for a lifetime. It's what we do best.

Where it started


Jason Tamasco and Zak Kristofek formed TRACTION in 2021. With over 20 combined years in the industry, they wanted to continue pursuing creative projects that elevated all genres and share stories told by artists that the world should know. The producing partners first film A LOT OF NOTHING (Directed by Mo McRae) premiered at SXSW in 2022 and was distributed by RLJE in 2023. Along with RED RIGHT HAND, the active duo’s upcoming slate includes 2022 Blacklist script THE MIDNIGHT POOL to be directed by James McTeigue (BREAKING IN, V FOR VENDETTA), HERO COMPLEX to be directed by Tyler MacIntyre (IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE, TRAGEDY GIRLS), BLACKWOOD to be directed by Parker Phillips and Graham Phillips (RUMBLE THROUGH THE DARK) along with a slew of other projects being packaged.

Jason Tamasco

Partner, Producer

Jason Tamasco is a Producer who brings a decade of diverse, hands-on filmmaking experience, including crew and production credits for more than 20 projects. Jason began his film career in 2009 at then mini-studio, Exclusive Media. In 2013, he joined Latin American production company Dark Factory Entertainment where he was responsible for execution and oversight of U.S. operations. Notable projects in Tamasco’s portfolio include the Netflix series EL CHAPO, the SXSW success A LOT OF NOTHING, and the upcoming Action Thriller RED RIGHT HAND starring Orlando Bloom. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America.

Zak Kristofek

Partner, Producer

Zak Kristofek leads both the Production and Development departments having an extensive knowledge of putting together both small and large-scale productions, including WILDLIFE starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paramount Pictures’ BOOK CLUB starring Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda. He most recently produced A LOT OF NOTHING which premiered in competition at SXSW 2022, as well as the Orlando Bloom-starring action/ thriller, RED RIGHT HAND.

"Nothing happens until something moves"



Develop, produce, and oversee all aspects of the filmmaking process. We create through collaboration with all of our partners.

Talent Management

Discovering talent through the literary and director world. We believe in opportunity and creating a space for our artists to thrive.


From idea to your home. As the lines between all media continue to blur, we're here to pioneer new forms of storytelling.